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Widen your music horizons and sharpen your skills with best tutors available with comfort and at affordable prices.
We created a platform, which will get you connected with the best music teachers, who give online lessons and can get you prepared to any music institution worldwide.
It's a great way to improve understanding of music at a completely new level.
Chose any convenient time - we will build a customized schedule. We have tutors in most time zones worldwide.
It's you, who choses convenient place for learning, be that your home, country house or even office.
Our task is to teach you to make music with pleasure, to develop your abilities, to combine theoretical subjects with practicing playing music instruments or vocals, to reach planned results and in more common sense - to get real pleasure from the process of music comprehension.
Who we are? Where from? How?
We unite musicians, who have extensive experience in teaching music, who combines teaching activities with concert performances in front of various audiences.
Genres are not limited by classical music. Some of our tutors are specialists in contemporary avant-garde, jazz improvisation as well as House and Techno; they are teaching not only academic vocal but also other genres, such as pop-music, jazz vocal, folk-jazz as well as bossa nova. We have tutors in our team, who are experts in electric instruments (electric guitar, violin and synthesizers).
Where from?
Our tutors are employed by leading world-renowned schools including such well-renown institutions as Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Gnessin Institute of Music, Moscow State Institute of Music named after Schnittke, State Institute of music pedagogics named after Ippolitov-Ivanov, Kazan state conservatory named after Zhiganov, Academy of Chor Art named after Popov, Novosibirsk State Conservatory named after Glinka.
Some of our tutors are actively giving concerts, work in orchestras, comp leading musicians, building solo career or composing music.
Online music classes require certain specific techniques, which are well known by all our tutors. There are numerous concerns among professional tutors about weaknesses and non-efficiency of online music classes, which we challenge by real results. In certain circumstances online lessons are the only possibility and the way to succeed.
Who you are?
You have interest in music
Do you want to develop your musicality, to gain some theoretical knowledge and get connected with world of professional musicians?
Tell us what's the point of your interest and we'll match the right tutor for you.
You are fond of making music
Did you take music classes some years back and you want to refresh your skills?
Or you want to prepare pleasant surprise for your relatives, colleagues etc.?
We are here to assist you.
You are striving to become a professtional musician
Do you currently study in music school and are getting prepared to continue making music as a profession?
We will help you to improve your skills and get you ready for music college or academy.

How to start taking music lessons with us?

First free consultation
Apply for personal 30-minutes consultation (free of charge) and get oriented, which direction is of interest for you.
Matching the right tutor
We will match the tutor and build the program in accordance with your targets, agreeing schedule of your classes.
Pay online and good to go
After executing online payment you can start attending the classes.
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tutors, who know how to help you start making music. They work in the best music institutions and are ready to commence lessons already this week.
over 100
students worldwide have joined our school.
over 10
countries, where our tutors are based, knowing best practices of teaching music.
What is required for starting online music classes
You will need:
- internet connection with minimum speed of 5 mbit/sec (you can test your speed here),
- laptop or tablet with webcamera,
- microphone (ideally external, similar to this) and
- music instrument, which you would like to play with.
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